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Currently offering $199 flat rate shipping on 3-point hitch and skid sprayers, and $299 on 2-wheel, and 4-wheel sprayer models (in the continental U.
As an agricultural engineer, with a knapsack sprayer on your back, where would you want the spray nozzles to be located relative to your position?
GENERAL: The City of Birmingham plans to purchase the chassis mounted roadside sprayer - retrofit specified in the document in the quantity indicated.
I was impressed at how simple and comfortable the Weedol Power Sprayer was to use.
With the PreGro, the user can fill the sprayer with unlimited liquid solutions to combat a problem area and still achieve the precise and even spray of an aerosol.
Once employed as a paint sprayer you will usually continue training on the job, under the supervision of more experienced members of staff.
This distance was adjusted depending on the driving speed of the sprayer S and the total response time of the whole control system.
Plus, a farmer can now begin to really cost-justify the purchase, especially if the sprayer is sized right for his operation.
The Excel 130 Concrete Form Sprayer can be pressurized up to 130 psi (9 bar) and maintains its pressure, and effective spray pattern, for 3 gallons (111) of product application.
The choices are airless sprayers and HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayers.
David White, farming consultant and independent agronomist in Strutt & Parker's Morpeth office, said: "Crop sprayer operators who use pesticides on either their own land or their employer's land can do so without holding a recognised certificate of competence provided they were born before December 31 1964.
When the sprayer is switched on the applied amount of Plant Protection Products (PPP) is constant, regardless of the volume of the tree foliage.