spread widely

See: disperse
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Gan Soo Do Philippines Incorporated spread widely throughout Mindanao and Visayas, and some parts of Luzon in the Philippines.
He said that through Sufism the message of peace and tolerance had been spread widely.
It also stressed that government agencies managing communications and internet services must issue laws that protect internet users from cybercrimes, such as hacking personal data and slander crimes that have spread widely on social networks recently.
The lawyer's controversial comments during a live show spread widely, causing public anger and condemnation.
1 The viral disease spread widely in Karachi's Malir district, affecting as many as around 20,000-30,000 victims, according to various conflicting reports.
As Russia began its exit from recession, growth spread widely in the region over the past year, the IMF said.
The order comes after a spate of videos purportedly showing Indian soldiers committing human rights abuses spread widely on social media.
The bank stated that the terms of the financing ensure positive impact is spread widely across farms in seven provinces and autonomous regions.
Reg, who consulted a beekeeping expert to find out more about his new arrivals, said: "These bees were first recorded in the UK in 2001 since when they have spread widely and it has been noted that they have selected bird boxes as a favourite place to set up home.
Concerns spread widely about the government-led corporate restructuring in shipping and shipbuilding industries that had suffered from massive losses and falling orders amid the global economic slump.
The story, "SAUDI ARABIA: PANEL OF SCIENTISTS ADMITS WOMEN ARE MAMMALS, YET 'NOT HUMAN'" has been spread widely on social media, with users expressing their shock and disgust - apparently not realising it's entirely fake.
The Department of Budget of Management (DBM) has reminded the public, particularly the government sector, not to be misled by a 2011 news article which has been spread widely online claiming that that government employees will receive an additional P10,000 holiday bonus this year.