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TIDE. The ebb and flow of the sea.
     2. Arms of the sea, bays, creeks, coves, or rivers, where the tide ebbs and flows, are public, and all persons may use the same for the purposes of navigation and for fishing, unless restrained by law. To give these rights at common law, the tide must ebb and flow: the flowing of the waters of a lake into a river, and their reflowing, being not the flux and reflux of the tides, but mere occasional and rare instances of a swell in the lake, and a setting up of the waters into the river, and the subsiding of such swells, is not to be considered an ebb and flow of the tide, so as to constitute a river technically navigable. 20 John. R. 98. See 17 John. R. 195; 2 Conn. R. 481.
     3. In Pennsylvania, the common law principle, that the flux and reflux of the tide ascertain the character of the river, has been rejected. 2 Binn. R. 475. Vide Arm of the sea; Navigable river; Sea shore.

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Fujinuma Noboru's Spring Tide brings together a time-honored skill, basketry, and a venerable material, bamboo, to produce an object for visual pleasure rather than use.
But an extremely high spring tide could refloat them, and the ebb tide would carry them back out into the Labrador Current where the icebergs would resume drifting southward," the Daily Mail quoted lead researcher Dr Donald Olson as saying.
Several species of tidal marsh nesting passerines have been found to increase breeding behaviors, such as vocalizations, mate guarding, and chases in the week following a spring tide (Lewis 1920, Marshall and Reinert 1990, Conway and Droege 2006, Shriver et al.
The negative effect on water quality was greatest when a spring tide was going out, or ebbing, Boehm and Weisberg report in an upcoming Environmental Science and Technology.
Combined with the good weather, the low spring tide caused the water in Venitian canals to plunge 90 centimeters (35 inches) below the average level.
With the waves reaching up to 9 meters, the agency has also warned of high tides because it will coincide with a spring tide.
Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) said it will acquire Spring Tide Networks, a leader in network switching equipment that allows service providers to offer customers a broad portfolio of Internet Protocol (IP) services such as virtual private networks (VPNs) and other applications.
Edward Dyer cries on the death of Sir Philip Sidney: "Time crieth out, my ebb is come: his life was my spring tide.
Peter Mantle, aged 47, is likely to be recommended for a posthumous bravery award after he lifted Lee Williams and his dog on to the ledge above Penbryn Beach in Cardigan Bay, Wales, as a fast-rising spring tide swept in.
We are pleased that Will Herman and Edgar Masri are joining a seasoned Board that includes Allan Wallack, former CEO of Spring Tide Networks and Chrysalis Symbolic Design.
Spring tide at Whitby Harbour, pic-|ture by Peter Wensley, of Marske
It's one of a number of pictures of the lighthouse he took at the last spring tide, when the Mersey was lapping right up the edge of the rocks.