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One of these is likely the projection of the spur we noted on the opposing side of the 1st gonapophysis, thus leaving his specimen with 1 extra secondary spur.
The flow field at a spur dike is coupled with a complex 3D separation of approach flow upstream and a periodic vortex shedding downstream of the spur dike.
Just book the date, invite your child's friends (with Spur invites ready to print out from the Spur website) and arrive on the big day - the friendly Spur team will do all the hard work and you'll have all the fun
Despite a top speed of 195 mph, there are no spoilers or add-ons to keep the Flying Spur from flying.
ANCOVA indicated that there was no significant difference between the populations and spur size.
They vary not only in color and how they point their blossoms, but also in the size and shape of their tubluar petals, called nectar spurs.
We're thrilled with the firm's participation and are proud that Spur employees are contributing their own money to support a great cause," Overgaag said.
Winners and finalists in 16 categories were announced this week by Spur Awards Chair Eli Paul.
Spur is acquiring the four businesses of Hebei Tianren to fast track its growth and to take advantage of emerging market trends in China.
While achieving phenomenal performance for a car of its size, the Flying Spur is fitted with all the luxuries owners expect in a Rolls-Royce motor car," he said.
The settlement agreement requires Spur Industries to pay the $3,900 penalty, file proper tank notifications, permanently close the tanks in accordance with federal regulations, and assess and clean up any soil and/or groundwater contamination that may be found by soil sampling during the closure process.