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Her family members allege that Akash had attacked her for spurning his repeated offers to marry him.
1]s biggest memory-chip makers, will pursue their own revival plans after spurning a government proposal to reorganize the unprofitable industry.
But Gary McAllister's team made hardwork of the points after spurning a number of chances at Whaddon Road.
The home side enjoyed most of the possession, but with ex-Pittodrie marksman Steve Lovell spurning three decent chances, they could not find a response to Miller's 48th-minute header.
To test the tenability of this view, Cheuk, Wong, and Rosen (2000) investigated, in the context of developing a spurning scale for teachers, the linkage between being spurned and burnout in a sample of secondary school teachers in Hong Kong, and obtained a significant association between being spurned and burnout.
Seniors Lauren Erb and Katelyn Miller are both planning to walk on at Pac-10 programs, spurning offers from lower-tier programs in order to see what it's like to play in the toughest conference in college softball.
During the course t of their lifetime, de Beauvoir's mother was both proud of her daughter's intellectual accomplishments and ashamed of her blatant spurning of traditional mores.
There was little quarter given, with Dave Nottage and Ben Chamberlain spurning chances for the visitors.
Spurning a nineteenth-century ballet idiom, he developed his own modern dance language.
Daniela ends up spurning the spurned husband of Greene's lover.
But Bangor should have wrapped up the points with Roberts spurning his late spot-kick, while Hoy also fired over in the closing moments.
Spurning the doting Silvius (David Birkin) when she falls in love with the disguised Rosalind.