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Before the next bomb drop falls or the next squalling bin Laden is born, Americans have to be realistic enough to reconsider our addiction to realpolitik.
The future father of the blues enters the world as a squalling incarnation of his race's need to "[sing or play] whatever came into their minds," a form of emotional release under trying circumstances.
Somewhere on Earth, the 6 billionth person is a squalling baby.
Evidence compiled on the pertussis vaccine "indicates a causal relation" not only with anaphylaxis but also with extended periods of inconsolable squalling in infants who have just received the injection, the panel reports.
After all, "as much as your mom loves you, she's seen you at your worst -- runny-nosed, squalling, tattling, lying, throwing tantrums.
There are many miraculous liquids in American Catholicism--the wine that becomes the Blood of Christ, the cleansing water that cascades over the squalling newborn, the oils that anoint new priests and the dying faithful, the tears wept over newborns welcomed and newlyweds wedded and the dead blessed, and the milk that mothers make for their holy children in an ancient miracle most reminiscent of the Madonna and her stunning Child.
Unlike past generations, today's new parents often have few resources to draw from to help care for the squalling, demanding little creature they bring home from the hospital, said Alex Morales, executive director of the Children's Bureau.
No one relishes the sound of a squalling infant, least of all the child's parents.
Its eyes bulging with fear, the squalling animal torqued its head around, trying to nip Morales' arm.