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He said in a press conference today : "al-Maliki responsible for squandering $ 27 billion during his tenure as prime minister for two consecutive terms in addition to the period of caretaker government.
Probe committees have been set up to established the alleged squandering of BHD400 million detailed in a National Audit Control 2013-14 report which detailed allegations that the Health Ministry squandered funds (20 violations noted), as did the Foreign Ministry (19 violations; BHD3.
Mubarak-era minister cleared of squandering public money
He said that his bloc would co-ordinate with other MPs to question ministers singled out for repeated irregularities and flagrant squandering of public money.
FPM's MPs have accused Siniora of squandering public funds when he served as prime minister from 2005, following the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, until 2009.
Squandering public money is tantamount to squandering responsibility itself TradeArabia News Service
Rob Elvins was also guilty of squandering a gilt-edged chance.
After squandering a four-run advantage, Thousand Oaks used a two-run double by Cody Fierro in the bottom of the sixth inning to regain the lead en route to a 10-5 victory over Puerto Rico on Saturday in the opening round of the Big League World Series in Easley, S.
The title of the exhibition was Outrage, and it was a protest at the rebuilding of Liverpool city centre along the street lines of the Victorian city and squandering the town planning opportunity that the wartime destruction of the south side of town presented.
In his New Year message, Plaid Cymru's National Assembly leader has accused Labour of squandering European aid cash.
It was one-way traffic after that with Kilroot squandering chance after chance with Simon Hamilton, David Kidd, Darren McKinty and James Pherson all guilty.
Altruism" of the sort extolled by President Bush--a president squandering money earned by taxpayers, and sacrificing the lives of their sons and daughters, on behalf of foreign strangers--is a moral abomination and a crime against constitutional republicanism.