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Well, he wants a punch in the face for that," squealed Ferfitchkin.
The Ancient Mariner straightened up his shoulders, threw his head back, then bowed it and repeated, "No, I never squealed.
The audience laughed, but next day, sure enough, the Countryman appeared on the stage, and putting his head down squealed so hideously that the spectators hissed and threw stones at him to make him stop.
For he did claw at himself, and leap about over the ice like a playful puppy, save from the way he growled and squealed it was plain it was not play but pain.
At first she had squealed with delight at sight of his helplessness, and was for beating his brain out with a stout forest branch.
But he nearly screamed when she succumbed to that caress so at the very first of the courtship and mowed and gibbered and squealed little, queer, pig-like gurgly noises of delight.
At her very feet the ape-man overhauled the balu and, though the youngster squealed and fought when Tarzan seized him, Teeka only glanced casually in their direction.
I stuck it in, like into soft butter, an' the w'y 'e squealed was better'n a tu-penny gaff.
And Paul Rogers, 60, watched as the creature squealed and writhed in agony.
I read the piece, squealed with glee, and immediately headed to the idiots' Web site to begin ordering fuel for my fireplace this winter.