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In fact, there is a frequent use of squealers by the warden and security officers (8).
I thought the turkeys were loud, but these champion squealers beat them every time.
The SohoSquare squealers know that this is one trip England supporters - even the well-behaved-- should not be allowed to make.
Many of you squealers will go for the guest appearance by Pop Idol Will Young.
Cheaters and squealers will both get what's coming to them.
Eliza Dushku from TV's ``Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' adds delectably judged mockery as a punkish gymnast transfer who can't believe she's got to work with these spirited squealers.
Will probably be recruited by MI5, which seems to employ lots of squealers.
There aren't many definitive tactics to kill more wood ducks, rather the opinions of hunters who chase squealers in specific locales.
Reasonable voices counselling gradual change get cast aside for squealers about human rights, who happily ignore the rights of countless others, whose "rights" they infringe with mindless calls for "freedom" which should be absolute for them, but bind others.
The Soho Square squealers know this is one trip England supporters - even the few well-behaved - should not be allowed to make.