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The pupils spent a good part of the lesson just getting past their own squeamishness about handling the slimy critters.
These programs would seem to fly in the face of Turner's squeamishness over what he considers exploitative content.
There was no squeamishness on the streets of Ulster, where the Paras were unleashed on the civilian population after being turned into killing machines.
If we don't see the point of this caution, which isn't at all a matter of squeamishness or cowardice, the nearer the terrorist comes to winning, because it means we're getting used to the view from outside as the normal perspective - the distant view that spares us the real cost to our own humanity.
The process, which has been tested on dogs, may help men beat squeamishness.
But the squeamishness of Clinton and Republicans to tackle the problem now makes it all the harder to deal with the issue in a reasonable manner four years from now.
It would be hard to deny that chance through squeamishness when we're already transplanting lungs, hearts and livers," he says.
7), said he doesn't understand MTA's squeamishness.
A collective squeamishness about sex has kept STDs out of public discussion, said Dr.
By the end of their 1-1/4-mile stroll, squeamishness gives way to optimism in their under-the-rocks searches for spiders, worms and centipedes.
I don't like needles," said Brock, a Newbury Park High School senior and one of dozens of students, staff and even firefighters who overcame any squeamishness Wednesday morning to donate blood for Michael Halsell.
Many were willing to overcome their squeamishness about giving blood to come to his aid, said Marisa Williams, 18, who is helping coordinate the drive.