squeezed together

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Whereas I now found Barnard to be a disembodied spirit, or a fiction, and his inn the dingiest collection of shabby buildings ever squeezed together in a rank corner as a club for Tom-cats.
His eyes were yellow and muddy, as though Nature had run short on pigments and squeezed together the dregs of all her tubes.
Through the very thickest of the press, over dead bodies and burning fragments, now on the pavement, now in the road, now riding up a flight of steps to make himself the more conspicuous to his party, and now forcing a passage through a mass of human beings, so closely squeezed together that it seemed as if the edge of a knife would scarcely part them,--on he went, as though he could surmount all obstacles by the mere exercise of his will.
Almost all Madame Lippevechsel's lodgers had streamed in from the inner rooms of the flat; at first they were squeezed together in the doorway, but afterwards they overflowed into the room.
According to Pouilly, in Moira, 30 government medical staff, psychologists and social workers are squeezed together in three rooms where they perform examinations and evaluations with little to no privacy.
Worse still, the whole lot of them were always shown squeezed together along one side of the board game.
Some could say knee room was on the tight side, but there was enough room to let average-sized adults sit in the back without being squeezed together like sardines in a tin.
On the bottom step, squeezed together were three young Greek Cypriot women, all wearing white dresses and no older than 25.
A gridded cartogram projection from these patterns created over the ocean-surface therefore increases these spaces in the map image, while the land areas alongside are squeezed together to give space for the most polluted parts of the map (figure 1).
Keeping the shoulder blades squeezed together, gently extend the elbows, lowering the arms to the side.
And sometimes the breasts, squeezed together or lifted up, the nipples