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Lead single Say Nothing is anthemic,radiofriendly pop and Perfect Replacement thunders along with squelchy synths.
In monsoon, Miss Squelchy Shoes is never destination-confused.
Massasoit will love the squelchy conditions and, getting weight from all his rivals, can put his undoubted stamina to good use at this stiff track.
England had begun the day by losing two wickets in the first hour of a squelchy morning.
MNDR's bubbly fireworks and squelchy melodies reflect Warner's natural ability to add levity and coolness to mega-nerd shit.
When I have sex my vagina makes loud squelchy noises - as if I'm passing wind.
How I'd love this dish of Maggi noodles cooked with egg, allowed to go cold and become a grey squelchy mass that I'd cut into with a spoon.
Large squelchy canvas tote bags are dhs120, while straw bucket bags with pretty coloured ribbon trims are dhs167.
The water has seemingly evaporated leaving a squelchy, rubbish-strewn swamp.
9 Flying Lotus, "Pet Monster Shotglass," from 1983 (Plug Research) A mutant slice of squelchy synthetic hip-hop from the emerging Los Angeles producer's first album.
Oklahoma's answer to Radiohead fires up the imagination with this melody-driven voyage of sound - jangly guitar, lush strings, squelchy analog synths and curvy bass lines - that only gets better after each consecutive spin.
It has a satisfactorily squelchy path, squeaking noises, running water, things to climb on and handle, buttons to press.