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Subsequently, a clear corneal stab incision with BP blade No.
Some people use a lid crease incision with tarsal fixation of the fascia lata compared to others who use supralash stab incisions to pass the fascia lata beneath the orbicularis without anchorage.
Suction drain was placed in the wound cavity, through a separate stab incision.
After development of anesthesia, globe fixation was done and a 5 mm limbal stab incision was performed.
Then we took a stab incision more posteriorly almost in the buttock and passed guide wire in middle of the neck due to high anteversion (figure 2).
The avascular margin of bladder was located and stab incision was made.
Veress needle was removed and through a stab incision at needle insertion site, a 5 mm spiral cannula was introduced in peritoneal cavity for placing 5 mm straight telescope (zero degree) connected with light source and camera.
Stab incision was made 2 cm dorsal to vulval lip using Gerlach's needle and needle was introduced forward ventrally to vulva.