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TM)] is the owner of the utility and design patent for the Stabilizing Brace[sup.
To reduce friction, the mandrel and lower stabilizing rings have been spiral-cut to reduce the surface area of contact.
Patented is an absorbent article comprising a cover layer, a barrier layer and a stabilizing layer with dimensions.
Stabilizing the salinity is by far the biggest and most expensive job, and Congress, in cooperation with local, state and federal officials, is evaluating two options.
Analysts said the drop, coupled with lower unemployment, is further proof that the county's economy is stabilizing.
The more rigorous city designation [a City Historic District] would have a direct and stabilizing influence on the real estate market, eliminating the intense speculation that superficially inflates land values and endangers the future of smaller buildings.
In Fitch's opinion a key factor in stabilizing its subscriber base and increase overall revenue generating units (RGU) was the company's change in pricing strategy, which focused on product bundles and longer term pricing promotions.
Hopefully, in 1996, we will have seen the bottom of the market and prices stabilizing.