stable state

See: status quo
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For handling with monitor information of slope, analyzing and predicting the stable state of a large scale slope timely, authors established the Slope Monitoring Information and Instability Indication Analysis System which has functions of monitor information database management, monitor information visual inquiry and analysis, and slope unstable sign analysis.
PIT copies enable an administrator to go back in time to restore data from a stable state prior to when a corruption or other disruption occurred.
A source said: "If there is anything coming on TV about her, we have been told to switch it off or take him away from it, to try to maintain a stable state of mind.
The Soviet Union is going to remain a stable state, with a very stable, conservative, immobile government," Byrnes said in an interview, summing up the book.
The basic 'formula' of the octet rule is straight forward: each atom tries to have four pairs (8 electrons) around it in order to assume the stable state of the noble gases.
The concern in each of the countries involved is that the US may decide that it can gain some strategic benefits from having a friendly and stable state in the region.
Koizumi, who had just arrived in South Korea on a three-day visit, told Japanese reporters at a Seoul hotel, ''My administration is in a very stable state.
Some of the most interesting results of our analyses using this model indicate that the spill might have pushed the system to an "alternate stable state," from which it will not recover.
In both cases, the stochastically stable state of a 2 x 2 coordination game need not coincide with the convention corresponding to the risk-dominant equilibrium.
The governor did confess that he is not happy about cutting the spending of the State University system, but explained that instead of going to North Carolina for a job, with a more stable state economy, the graduates would be able to get one right here in New York City.
This came during a meeting held at the Emiri Diwan this morning, during which the Somali President briefed HH the Emir on the latest developments in the Somali arena, especially his efforts to build a secure, unified and stable State and achieve sustainable development.