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One day she bit James in the arm and made it bleed, and so Miss Flora and Miss Jessie, who are very fond of me, were afraid to come into the stable.
And if you'd got a spark of pride in you, you'd be ashamed to see the stables emptied, and everybody sneering about it.
The two friends made the prisoners enter the house first, whilst they stood at the door, desiring Musqueton to take the four horses to the stable.
It is a pleasant thing on such a morning to walk along the well-rolled gravel on one's way to the stables, meditating an excursion.
On that evening the horses had been exercised and watered as usual, and the stables were locked up at nine o'clock.
So now, half-waking and all-winking, he may recall the house full of company, the coach-houses full of vehicles, the stables fall of horses, and the out-buildings full of attendants upon horses, until he is undecided about the present and comes forth to see how it is.
Sharp to the right ran the private lane behind the stables and sharp to the right dashed Raffles, instead of straight along the open road.
The weather looks pretty well settled (for Scotland), and there are plenty of horses in the stables.
To the stables, and I've got to see Bryansky, too, about the horses," said Vronsky.
The address in my possession led me to some "livery stables," about a quarter of a mile distant from Forest Road.
Marek was cleaning out the stable, and Antonia and her mother were making garden, off across the pond in the draw-head.
Manager, I have come to ask you to get rid of the whole stable.