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For more information about small firm staffing issues, go to the PCPS Firm Practice Center, www.
In the sections that address library management and staffing, the College is identified as the party primarily responsible for these activities.
My venue staffing team of 24 worked to keep the "troops" entertained during quiet times with a recognition programme delivered throughout the venue.
He made the remarks at a hearing July 27 in which officials of the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) presented a report to Congress alleging that more than half of the nation's nursing homes are deficient in nurses' aide staffing, almost a quarter fall short in total licensed personnel, and about a third have insufficient RN staffing to meet the ne eds of their patients.
ShiftWise, the nation's leading provider of online healthcare staffing management services, closed the 2006 calendar year with impressive customer growth, bringing the total number of healthcare facilities using the company's service to more than 350 nationwide.
Eight-hour Education Days are scheduled throughout the year so we can maintain staffing levels for resident care.
Several camp directors report that during staffing interviews they make primary references to the brochure, the Web site and/or clips from the promotional video.
This process can have a profound effect on staffing configurations and job content when applied over time to an organization.
There has been little discussion in the literature regarding staffing models for physician executives.
Healthcare Staffing Leader Selects Industry-Standard Supplemental Staffing Management System to Reduce Administrative Costs for Both Its External Customers and Parent Company
The group's mission was to identify ways to improve the organization's staffing and resident care.
The best approach is for the governing board and administration to make business decisions, such as the development of health care services and the staffing of those services, without medical staff involvement.