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8 billion for the hosting contract but Stagecraft International offered only P1 billion.
He won it, beating Stagecraft, trained by Sir Michael Stoute, who I'd just left.
Performed without intermission, the two and a half hour opera unfolds as a seamless example of miraculous stagecraft, as the submarine world of the Rhein Maidens (Stacy Tappan, Lauren McNeese and Beth Clayton) gives way to the airy realm of the gods.
This fussy Harry Kupfer production, preoccupied with stagecraft and technical wizardry, was originally mounted at the Staatsoper in Berlin in the 1990s before making its way to Barcelona for the staging here.
Born in England and raised in Southern California, Dickinson, 52, credits a high school stagecraft teacher with hooking him on "the intoxicating and emotional quality of light.
Second, while any thoughtful person would agree that big road shows and town halls are not the answer, all stagecraft sends a message.
Seaham-born Sir Thomas Allen's long career in the world's top opera houses has taught him a thing or two about stagecraft.
They appear to be what they are, but actually there is always a bit of old-fashioned stagecraft involved.
In the same spirit of innovation as "On A Classical Note," these new productions will feature 10 performers in works that fuse cutting-edge stagecraft technology and dramatic scenery, using inventive lighting design to achieve special effects.
The sheer abundance and diversity of the stagecraft of the period give the lie to such notions.
It is a waste of taxpayer money and television time, and it is the White House at its most superficial stagecraft using the co-opted media.
The dates are relevant in considering the works' historical perspective and also their stagecraft.