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Danglars took advantage of Caderousse's temper at the moment, to take him off towards Marseilles by the Porte Saint-Victor, staggering as he went.
Turning his head swiftly, the youth saw his friend running in a staggering and stumbling way toward a little clump of bushes.
I fancy myself there and that I see him staggering and hear him stammering," said Planchet, in a piteous tone, "but at all events we shall soon know the real state of things, for I imagine that those lofty walls, now turning ruby in the setting sun, are the walls of Blois.
The colour had all rushed back to Arthur's face; in a moment his right hand was clenched, and dealt a blow like lightning, which sent Adam staggering backward.
I found him staggering about, his eyes in a fine frenzy rolling--a pretty sight he was, a just medium between the fool and the lunatic.
La Esmeralda turned pale and descended from the pillory, staggering as she went.
From a trot the exhausted animal sunk to a staggering walk - the foam from his mouth was mixed with blood.
After staggering into Smolensk which seemed to them a promised land, the French, searching for food, killed one another, sacked their own stores, and when everything had been plundered fled farther.
Simultaneously there swept over me the staggering fact that the old man was--PERRY
At last he arose, very slowly and with evident effort gaining his knees first and then staggering to his feet, yet his indomitable will was evidenced by a sudden straightening of his shoulders and a determined shake of his head as he lurched forward on unsteady legs to take up his valiant fight for survival.
he muttered to himself, and, staggering out, rang the bell.
It missed, striking the cheek instead, and sending Ponta staggering sideways.