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NOW in his fourth decade as a musician, Lionel Richie remains staggeringly popular all over the world.
Through the generous support of Accenture and its people, we can make a difference in countries that do not have the resources to educate all of their children and, as a result, have literacy rates that are staggeringly low by world standards.
Still, went to grab an English paper and staggeringly the only one available at the hotel was the Sunday Mirror
And granted - even speaking as an old, white TV critic - just paying cursory attention to the questions emerging from the press conferences confirms how staggeringly out of touch some of these critics are.
The Elland Road pair have made more than 80 appearances between them for David O'Leary's staggeringly successful young side this season.
So we're stuck with the likes of From Dusk till Dawn (an Evil Dead swipe so lame Raimi should sue for libel) and Death Wish, while such films as Shohei Imamura's metanihilist Vengeance is Mine, Takeshi Kitano's Violent Cop, and Ringo Lam's staggeringly visceral Burning Paradise go unmentioned.
Concluded Jan Storgards, chief software architect for Suunto Software Solutions, "Curl's on-screen rendering and XML parsing is staggeringly fast, on par with a gaming platform.
The data, which relates to NHS hospitals in England, was obtained by the Lib Dems, whose health spokesman Norman Lamb said: "There is a hard core of young drinkers who are drinking a staggeringly large amount of alcohol.
We pay each time a fire team works round the clock to save a staggeringly beautiful mountain estate.
Brecongill Lad, a 10-1 winner at Catterick on Tuesday highlighted in this column last week, put in a staggeringly improved performance to be successful on his first run from the Nicholls yard.
In Twice a Man, 1963 (a film inspired by the myth of Hippolytus and Phaedra), a staggeringly complex "musical-mathematical" structure, prefaced by two minutes of black leader and the sound of falling rain, is formed from frames and clusters of frames that not only introduce and establish characters, but also signal subtle shifts in weight between past, present, and future.
Proposition A will help reduce Missouri's staggeringly high smoking rates, especially among our children.