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Using her chesty lower range, the soprano reveals a soulful new sound and infuses a staggeringly wide range of songs with a disarming emotional vulnerability.
Among the most powerful works is a "flicker film" video comprising kitsch imagery of Hitler and Disney that, intermingled here, appears staggeringly similar.
Richard Madeley (pictured) one of the judges, said: ``The standard of the finalists is staggeringly high.
That is a reservoir of best practices and applied learning that is staggeringly broad and deep.
As a consequence of the agreement, British Columbia has since undergone a staggeringly rapid change in the eyes of environmental groups.
This staggeringly lavish subsidy amounts to the largest sum any foundation has ever allotted in any one art form at one time.
Darwinian theory has no explanation whatsoever that might explain how this staggeringly complex immune system, which is essentially irreducible, came to be.
The wall is entered roughly in the middle of the ground floor through a lobby which leads to a staggeringly tall atrium decorated with a satellite view of the earth in relation to the moon and a red sun at the top of the 90m high space.
Schultz contends that experiences related in blues autobiography are not unmitigatedly brutal; they are too staggeringly complex.
Such assaults upon the outdated and the innocuous coexist with pretensions to cutting-edge sophistication that are staggeringly bogus.
Experts advised the Task Force that earthquake risks facing the Bay Area are real and staggeringly large and that the regional transportation system will not survive intact and the only way to cross the Bay will be on the water.
99 IT'S staggeringly realistic football that truly deserves a fanfare.