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Groomsmen were Fort Bridgforth, James Bridgforth, Will Fratesi, Frank Greenlee, Andy Jones, Will Jones, Benny Long Chris Shelton, Matt Smith, Will Staggers, brother of the bride; and Alex Whittington and Andrew Whittington.
Since that time, the railroad industry has had a generation to respond to regulatory incentives under the Staggers Act.
Eblex beef scientist Dr Liz Genever said: "Grass staggers - hypomagnesaemia - are always a threat with lactating cows on early season ryegrass-based pastures, but they pose far more of a risk when stock grazing young grass are stressed by the sudden changes in spring weather that seem to be becoming more common these days.
P interaction, The interaction evidently arises [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 2 OMITTED] from a difference in sensitivity to channels percent fill for the different screw staggers.
With seventy pounds of food, warm clothing, and video equipment loaded onto my old external frame pack, I stagger out of Yingri in the predawn light.
As we stagger from "recovery" to "recovery," the zeitgeist is grungy in fashion as well as in the art world, where the hardass antimastery mastery of the '80s has been challenged, or rather has withered into the kinder, gentler, "pathetic esthetic" of the '90s.
Buddy) Staggers III will become a senior executive with Bank of Mississippi in Starkville and is expected to become president upon the future retirement of current President Glenn Mullins.