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Without turbulence, living systems stagnate, losing their ability to adapt and ultimately to survive.
Over time, material that stagnates in the flow path or leaks at a parting line degrades and then shows up as black or brown streaks or specks in the molded part.
But wealthy consumers who regularly invest money in shares were less confident, with only 44 per cent expecting house prices to continue rising while 48 per cent think they will stagnate or fall.
And it stems from the frustration and humiliation of people who see their countries stagnate in corruption and injustice while Europe and America prosper.
The latter, in turn, are being held back as retail sales stagnate and firms continue to trim staff in efforts to improve efficiency.
The frozen ready meals sector has started to stagnate.
According to Moody's Investor Services, profits at banks in Australia will stagnate in 2013.
Now the focus of the district is on middle and high schools, where test scores continue to stagnate.
A corporation that fails to please its customers merges or goes bankrupt, whereas a government that causes an economy to stagnate still collects taxes.
That's because as more and more stagnate cargo piles up at the port, the workload for union workers increases substantially.
Global Banking News-5 June 2009-German central bank says economy could stagnate in 2010(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.