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Are there some cultural factors behind this continued stagnating condition?
The growth rate of the Canadian born workforce is expected to be zero in 2011, and the Canadian Government therefore plans the influx of skilled immigrants to Canada because it has become a country which now has to "vie with other countries with stagnating workforces for young professionals from the developing world".
The deal, which the boards of both companies approved late Monday, is intended to bolster Johnson & Johnson's prescription drug business amid increased competition and stagnating sales.
Senator Lieberman went on to say that the solution to a stagnating moral life would be "as a people to reaffirm our faith," implying that those of us without faith in a personal deity must be morally deficient.
A drive to persuade the Government to breathe life back into Britain's stagnating town centres was launched today to coincide with the birth of the new Regional Development Agencies.
He expressed his concern about an economy where corporate chief executives' salaries are skyrocketing while most working people's are stagnating.
Last June, for example, European Union leader Jacques Delors made a speech in Copenhagen in which he blamed the stagnating economies of the E.
The price rise for food products is the major factor for this round of inflation; another factor is the price fluctuations for international resources; and a more profound cause is the imperfect and stagnating domestic market reforms.
Although the doors to the EU are closed for Macedonia and the country is stagnating in the Euro-integration process, Foreign Minister of Albania Ditmir Bushati told his Macedonian counterpart Fatmir Besimi that he is encouraged by the programme and ambitions of the coalition partners in the Macedonian Government who promised advancement in the integration.
PROPERTY agents will assemble in Brighouse this weekend for an emergency summit to discuss the impact of falling house prices, stagnating sales and the credit crunch.