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He is conscientious in discussing contrary evidence to his general hypothesis, such as the progressive measures taken in the Great Depression in the USA or the Bismarck social reforms in a period of German stagnation, but he does not consider these to outweigh the great many positive measures taken or movements arising during long periods of economic growth.
But if the specter of stagnation is haunting the U.
For New Arab Cinema, anxieties associated with the stagnation in the process of national liberation and self-determination compounded with concerns over the wave of religious fundamentalism are increasingly fashioned via a "modernist" symbiosis that depicts a revamped national identity struggling to affirm its heterogeneity and find a new role for itself in the continuing fight for national liberation.
The stagnation pressure and temperature are computed using the formulas
This leap in evolution came to dominate the population as a whole, and centuries of economic stagnation ended.
But this ignores the dramatic improvements in family education, economic well-being, and family size mentioned earlier--as well as the fact that family effects should be most noticeable among the youngest students, the very group where stagnation is least apparent.
The stagnation flow region is generated in the nearest converging-diverging region (r/R = 1~3) to the exit of the c-d plates in the cases of Fluid A and C (both fluids are viscoelastic), but there is no stagnation flow region in the case of Fluid B (that is, purely viscous).
A biased view of only one side of the risk equation--the risk of innovation--instead of balancing that against the risk of stagnation, could restrict urgently needed developments.
With his series established, he attempts to identify regions and periods which witnessed growth, and also determine "what caused their good fortune and what spared them from stagnation.
The Westchester County real estate market benefited from the growth years of the 1990's and after a year's period of stagnation now looks forward to the opportunity of business growth as we exit this recession.
Spain's Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar urged fellow European Union nations on Wednesday to carry out economic reforms, warning their economy might otherwise become ''Japanized,'' a newly coined word for stagnation.
The first painting was simply a picture of stagnation and inactivity.