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Online banking eliminates the staidness of traditional banks and increases psychological comfort for the underserved through the knowledge that their funds are immediately available, says Dood.
staidness and morality that was completely new, that resonated with young people in a way that made no sense to old people.
language can counteract the staidness of "refined" poetic
We're seeing people trying to get away from the staidness of traditional without going to the extreme of true contemporary," said Kit Bolliger, vice president of home furnishings sales at AF Lighting.
While hydroelectric utilities, having generated a reputation among investors for staidness, can't compete with the boiling real-estate market on the cocktail circuit, they are "streets ahead of other industries in understanding and managing weather risk," says Isom.
It looked like the audience were really going to let the man down by their staidness, and we couldn't have his first visit to Cardiff marred by that.