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If the stain is oil-based, you may need to use a dry cleaning solvent.
If the stain is still present, blot with white vinegar, then rinse thoroughly.
The results for effect of concentration of stain (ug/mL) in working solution on staining score (1-5) of intact (green), partially fragmented (yellow-orange) and completely fragmented (red) DNA of sperm, are presented in Table I.
Leishman stain is a simple, quick and inexpensive staining technique easily available in both urban and rural laboratories which can be used as an efficacious tool to interpret cytosmears.
Brought to you by PPG, a global leader in paints, stains and coatings innovation and a brand trusted by professionals for over 130 years, PPG Timeless stain is the first product that prominently carries the PPG name in a major home improvement center," said Sara Braun, PPG marketing director.
There are some tried and tested true stain removal methods that will help you maintain and revive your clothes' colours.
PPG Timeless stain provides decks, fences and more with enduring beauty through rich, vibrant and deep colors, giving homeowners a beautiful backdrop for entertaining and enjoying.
From a total of 54 positive cases routine ZN stain was positive in 45 (46%), Kinyoun stain was positive in 54 (56%) and fluorescent staining was positive in 54 (56%) cases.
You must find the right solvent to properly treat the stain.
donovani and compared it with recommended stain (Giemsa stain).
For example, if you use a water-based stain and find it's a bit too dark, you can just wipe the stock down with a clean damp cloth and you'll lighten or thin out the stain.
The main components of pap stain being OG-6, EA-65 or EA-50 (Cytoplasmic stains).