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Wood-Tex Wood Fast dry, minimal shrinkage, stainable.
The heart was enlarged with left ventricular hypertrophy but demonstrated only minimal stainable iron (data not shown).
Examination of stainable iron in bone marrow is the gold standard for iron depletion; however, this procedure is invasive and is not feasible for the evaluation of all children suspected of iron deficiency.
Additionally, residential windows are available in a composite, stainable, wood grain interior finish for high-end homes.
The details are in the Pella entry doors for 2005, as new decorative glass designs, stainable interior jambs, sill finishes (brass and nickel), and Pella-branded entry door hardware makes its debut.
The histologic sections of all 50 cases were reviewed and assessed for stainable iron on Perls Prussian blue stain.
The more common technique is histological grading of stainable iron, using Prussian blue dye; the other technique is the quantitative chemical determination of iron.
This stainable vinyl looks like real wood, can be treated like real wood, and it is totally maintenance free.
Additionally, windows are available in a composite stainable woodgrain interior finish for high-end homes.
Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to use a wide range of powdered cellulose material in place of wood, the paintable and stainable extruded cross-linked wood composite profiles provide other environmental benefits as well:
The putty is stainable, offered in a variety of colors and is fast drying with minimal shrinkage.
At least three spicules were examined in each sample, and stainable iron was determined to be absent or present by a hematopathologist blinded to the results of the sTfR and ferritin studies.