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At the same time, their boxes must be searched again--for this plain reason, that the first investigation only looked for the Diamond, and that the second investigation must look for the stained dress.
Rachel now wanting to follow their lead, before we-called the servants together, and began the search for the stained dress.
The stained article of dress may be an article of linen.
The choice of application technique will also affect the final appearance of the stained concrete.
MY wooden staircase is stained dark and has been for about 20 years.
If you read a slide prepared and stained by another person, you have far too much faith in your fellow man.
Consecutive sections were individually stained with a hematoxylin-eosin (H&E) stain (Figure 1, A), an immunohistochemical stain using a cocktail containing antibodies against P504S (1:100; Dako, Carpinteria, California) and p63 (1:100; Neomarker, Fremont, California) (Figure 1, B), an immunohistochemical stain using antibodies against PSA (1:4000; Dako) (Figure 1, C), and an immunohistochemical stain using antibodies against PAP (1:2000; Dako) (Figure 1, D).
In the middle of the sixteenth century, stained glass was an ecclesiastical art in Europe.
Red alder, mahogany, maple, white oak, and pine veneer panels conditioned to 6, 12, or 20 percent moisture content (MC) were stained with red solvent-borne stain, partially coated with clear lacquer, and air dried.
created one of the world's largest stained glass windows engineered and approved by the City of Los Angeles, California for earthquake code.
One of the most spectacular sights in any house of worship is the magnificent stained glass that adorns the windows and ceilings.
Many DIY stores display small blocks of wood that have been stained in the actual colours, enabling you to get a more accurate idea of how the stains will come out.