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You have to keep staleness out and retain what is new and fresh.
Aggressive training practices without adequate recovery can lead to staleness, overtraining syndrome, injury, and burnout, and this is not the exclusive domain of competitive athletes.
When a search warrant is based on probable cause for the presence of drug records, the staleness of the information is not nearly as important as it would be if the search was for drugs.
But as a cure for the staleness of this piece of music the Spano/ASO/Telarc wins.
Such an opening, utterly oblique in its contextualization yet quite specific in its generalized esthetico-ontological meditation of the act of writing/speaking and its relation to the real -- language's hesitation between its "freshness" and its becalmed flatness or staleness, its capacity for "encounter," contact, seeming access to the real and its self-clarifying, self-purifying, self-effacing propensity, to the point of referring no longer to the named but to some unnamedness -- such a text as this, not uncharacteristic of Du Bouchet's 1960 work, gives us a fleeting idea of the density and intensiveness of an oeuvre standing, today, as exceptional and exemplary.
The psychological barriers to be transcended include fear, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, low arousal levels, staleness, and burnout; the remedies include positive thinking, determination, the use of imagery and visualization, setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them, focus, concentration, self-control, and memory.
These incremental stages of overtraining include (a) overreaching, (b) overtraining, (c) staleness, (d) burnout, and (e) injury/withdrawal (Fry, Morton, & Keast, 1991; Kuipers & Keizer, 1988; Silva, 1990).
These merits noted, one also notes limitations arising from Bassett's method of composition: occasional repetitions of phrases and arguments, occasional staleness of perception, an overall sense that our understanding of Faulkner's personality and career has advanced beyond the terrain here occupied.
Fast, effective and affordable, REVIVER lets you instantly remove lingering odors from smoke, food or pets - even staleness from the gym, commute or workplace.
And although Surinder never embraced the stale bread concept, I think the staleness really helps with soaking up the egg mixture and also ensuring the bread disnae break in the pan.
Maybe it was a bit of staleness, or maybe we just came five or six percent off at the wrong time.
The bread that was served unordered was a nice touch, though a couple of slices were edging towards staleness.