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Well, none of that today, Jose, and not anytime soon, either, probably never again, Taylor suspected as she gauzily gazed out over the stalky fields of the farm, gazing past the barn where her brother had put up the Confederate flag on their first day here in the North.
Russell's paper on the comedic character Pippi Longstocking, created in 1945 by Astrid Lindgren, labels her a female "bad boy" akin to the main characters in Rudyard Kipling's Stalky & Co.
Admittedly, not all of them welcome - like the stalky bloke who took loads of photos of Boris scavenging under the stalls of a local foodie festival, then asked if I'd like to come back and see them (along with his collection of nail clippings, no doubt).
The chief points of Kipling's picture of the Indian, according to Eric Stalky, are "a loyal and devoted servant (Gunga Din); a brave soldier in some races, unreasoning and easily aroused by propaganda.
Incredible flowers (tulips, roses, something bright orange, long stalky things of white clusters) shaking in wind with paper-on-paper sound.
Strip out the price tag - which may cloud or enhance any enjoyment - its nose is stunning with huge aromas of stalky blackcurrant and chocolate.
The British school story is known to Americans, if at all, from Tom Brown's Schooldays (1857) by Thomas Hughes and Rudyard Kipling's Stalky and Co.
Sentiment with a stiff upper lip and Stalky was off.
A besuited skeleton of smirks, quirks, twitches and winks, his creepy, stalky schtick and constant Machiavellian machinating proved as refreshing to watch as it was genuinely unsettling.
He's stalky kid who plays with a lot of heart,'' said third-year coach Hal Ogilvie, whose team is off to a 4-1 start.
3) Clinically, lesion appears as nodular or polyploidy growth with smooth, shiny surface and stalky or sessile base with well demarcated borders.
Some works, the Aeneid or on a lesser scale Stalky and Co.