stall for time

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On the morning of the nuptials, Georgia's car breaks down in Frankston, so with her nowhere to be found, Sheila and Sonya stall for time when her parents turn up.
Dnevnik comments that both VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM continue to stall for time.
The opposition suspects the agreement to allow in monitors is merely intended to stall for time as international pressure on President Bashar Assad grows.
The abductors want payment in diamonds so, attempting to stall for time, the detective swaps a bag of replacement gems from the Serious Crime Unit's evidence safe.
They are kicking the can down the road to stall for time.
Trouble starts on Monday when he puts pressure on Chas to get him his money, only for the Dingle to stall for time by threatening to tell Lexi about their kiss if he doesn't back off.
North Korea should not be allowed to stall for time.