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14 batches of Nelumbinis stamen samples were collected from different localities of Jianning County in Fujian province of China.
The next stamens to emerge are the lateral upper stamens (those opposite the upper petals), followed by the medial upper stamen (that opposite the upper sepal), which is slightly smaller than the lateral upper stamens at maturity.
Attaining recognition for its sense of industry "know- how," Pistol & Stamen is known for continually offering its clients a high level of experience coupled with strategic public relations and marketing plans tailored to fit their needs.
A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stamen began his career as a database developer, leading a joint MIT/Harvard project where he developed an entity-relationship database.
The identification and description of a staminode often remains vague and arbitrary, and may overlap a whole range of different structures: It is an abstraction of something that is neither a stamen (except for those cases with clearly abortive anthers), nor a petal proper, nor any other clearly distinguishable organ.
Jeff Stamen brings a rare combination of knowledge and experience to the DataSage board," said David Ellenberger, president and COO of DataSage.
I am enthusiastic about leveraging my experience in the software and information services industries in serving on the board of this dynamic company," said Stamen.
Prior to joining Syncra Software, Stamen was Senior Vice President, OLAP Products Division of Oracle Corp.
I like to grow it against a white wooden frame and plant a row of lavender at its feet to colour co-ordinate with the lavender-blue flowers packed with golden stamens.
Their chunky bodies land heavily enough to release pollen-bearing stamens from a groove in the flower.
Camellia japonica has large, roselike flowers that bloom in late winter, while Camellia sasanqua has flowers with prominent gold stamens that open in fall and early winter.