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After the war ended, there was almost no exchange of communications between Japan and Iraq on their bilateral relationship, and Japan maintained a firm stance that it could not resume official talks until Iraq complied with relevant U.
He and Hans-Wilmar von Stockhausen, another board member, said American Re's tough stance on pricing has led to the hardening of the market.
When we put out the report we were able to capture the imagination of Yankee fans and residents alike but the Yankees have not shown any indication of taking a stance on the issue.
In May the Milwaukee synod of the church voted to endorse same-sex unions, contrary to the church's stance.
The most prominent example involves the transition from the instinctive shooting style of the single-handed point, or "FBI crouch," and modified isosceles shooting stances to the Weaver stance decades ago.
1: "Keep a good base -- a medium stance with your feet about shoulder-width apart," says Miami's Webb.
that "patriarchal norms held universal sway over Renaissance minds" (17) - wrongly gives precedence to the misogynistic, anti-androgynous stance of satire, which urges an isolating and entrenching of male identity.
In Berninghausen's view, the Library Bill of Rights served to both codify and standardize a purist moral stance on intellectual freedom by which impartiality and neutrality on nonliterary issues served as the central principle of the profession.
John Cardinal O'Connor, asserting that the church's teaching on abortion has been the same for 2,000 years, warned that "attacks on the church's stance on abortion--unless they are rebutted--effectively erode church authority on all matters, indeed on the authority of God himself
In her author's note, Fabio remarks that images can remain clear despite the language, but that "a rhetorical stance is far more than diction.
Some of us are objectivists; we develop our values from an outside objective stance.
However, the WTO stance was formally broken at the Doha Round ministerial conference in Hong Kong in December 2005, after a concerted two-and-a-half-year campaign by four West African cotton producing nations--Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali, known collectively as the C-4 group.