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The City's efforts have already temporarily stanched the tide of tenant relocations to midtown and promises to increase vitality in the downtown community by attracting residents.
Nonetheless, I see no viable alternative to the type of program that is being presented to the Congress if the financial erosion is to be stanched before it threatens to become a wider problem.
As long as patriarchal assumptions about masculinity and femininity shape people's beliefs and identities and their relationships with one another, militarization - however temporarily stanched - lies dormant, capable of rising again, and yet again.
He said the world kept imposing its will on the enervated Pakistan, adding the path of unconstitutional adventures could have been stanched.
He underlined if the strings of blasphemies is not stanched, then the respect for any personality will not remain in the world.
The anticipation of this trio of divas dishing over dinner is quickly stanched by John Malkovich, who plays the ship's American captain.