stand against

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We had, perhaps, three hundred yards to cover between our boulder and the cliffs, and then to search out a suitable shelter for our stand against the terrifying things that were pursuing us.
Mugambi pushed his mistress back into the greater security of the interior, and with his depleted force prepared to make a last stand against the foe.
For a moment there would come a lull in the storm, but then it would swoop down again with such onslaughts that it seemed impossible to stand against it.
The happier state In Heav'n, which follows dignity, might draw Envy from each inferior; but who here Will envy whom the highest place exposes Formost to stand against the Thunderers aime Your bulwark, and condemns to greatest share Of endless pain?
It would have been mere madness for any two or three of the number, unassisted by the rest, to attempt making a stand against his ill usage.
How could he stand against the three-legged woman, and the man with his eye in his cheek?
It is mentioned that an MP, for the state of law coalition, Haider al-Mawla said the National Alliance MPs will hold a meeting today to take a stand against Turkish incursions into Iraqi territory.
American Muslims have organized a gathering of different faiths to come together on the steps of Lincoln Memorial and make the statements that we stand against the terrorists.
Continuing assessments on the increasing pressures, Krol stated that Where ever you look in the world, if basic human rights are being oppressed they need to stand against It.
The 47-year-old Frenchman is challenging incumbent FIFA president Sepp Blatter for the top job in world football but he needs the backing of at least five national associations to stand against the 78-year-old Swiss who has been in office since 1998.
Damascus, SANA-Deir Ezzor sheikhs, dignitaries, MPs and different families affirmed they stand against and reject terrorism with all its forms, particularly the terrorist organization of the so-called "The State of Iraq and Cham.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Chairman of Fadhila Party's Bloc Amar Tu'ma called for expediting the formation of the Iraqi government and to have a unified stand against Da'ish organization to end its presence in the country.