stand aghast

See: fear
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In fact, very often US academics stand aghast and helpless at the sight of mass media butchering their subject of study.
As for the election of the new pope, one can only stand aghast.
Because we do not recognise pride when we see it, we stand aghast to see the havoc wrought by the triumphs of human idealism.
A person recently retired might stand aghast at the thought of exposing their hard-earned life savings to the risk of investing in equities or bonds where the capital value could plummet overnight.
HUNDREDS of Liverpool Post Office workers, engaged in a campaign to defend their jobs at Copperas Hill, must stand aghast at yet another blow at their security.
This means there would be no opt-out and no discussion with next of kin and could lead to medical staff attempting to retrieve organs while grieving relatives stand aghast.
There was a time when the NDP would stand aghast at such a prospect, and now they demand it
Stand aghast at his sending stories to news agencies under the names of journalists
But Christians with any sense of history must also stand aghast.
David Seaman and the England defence stand aghast after the Arsenal keeper's mistake had gifted the Macedonians an early lead