stand down

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Pre-Registration is now open for all Veterans wishing to attend the East Bay Stand Down.
Stand Down is a term that originated during the Vietnam War to describe the practice of removing combat troops from the field and taking care of their basic needs in a safe area.
Individual tickets for the event are $50 and sponsorships for this event can be obtained by calling event chairman, Lynda Evjen at 615-517-5714 or go to Operation Stand Down at http://www.
SPRINGFIELD - It's a funny thing about Stand Down, the annual gathering of veterans groups and social services agencies meant to help homeless or struggling vets with everything from a free meal to a place to live.
She said: "The Department is today announcing the decision to stand down the NPFS with effect from 1am on February 11.
Anyone with a more cynical mind than mine may also think this decision may have something to do with the "golden handshake" MPs get when they decide to stand down (something that is being abolished after the next election) but that is not for me to speculate on.
MANCHESTER CITY will decide this morning whether to force former owner Thaksin Shinawatra to stand down as an honorary president of the club.
He said in a statement: "Although I am still very active now, future uncertainties about my health make it sensible for me to decide to stand down at the next election.
Defeat in Glasgow East would increase the pressure on Mr Brown to stand down significantly," said Hills spokesman Graham Sharpe.
SENIOR Democratic Unionists were hopeful today that there will be a seamless handover from the Rev Ian Paisley to the next leader of his party, following his decision to stand down after 37 years.
The fiery Scotsman will stand down as an MP at the next geneatral election, ending a 20-year Westminster career.
Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Linda Schwartz, center, front row, in short-sleeve, blue shirt, following a successful Connecticut Stand Down designed to help homeless veterans throughout the state.