stand fast

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Mohammed Badie, the supreme leader of Mr Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, launched a stinging attack on Gen el-Sissi over the latest violence, saying the military chief was leading a "bloody regime" and urging his followers to stand fast.
Hats off to John Tlumacki and other photojournalists like him, who bravely stand fast and document our world, even in the most difficult of conditions.
Underlining the need to ensure protection of vital assets and areas, the Naval Chief urged upon officers and men of this independent Marines Battalion to stand fast and thwart aggression with zeal and courage.
Qabalan also called on the Syrian people "to close ranks and cooperate to protect their national unity and preserve their state so that Syria can be immune against attempts to target it and stand fast in the face of conspiracies hatched against it because of its support for the just causes of the Arab and Muslim nations.
The leader of the militant Shiite group Hizbullah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has saluted Arab rebels fighting for reforms and democracy in several Arab countries and encouraged them to stand fast and do more to overcome resistance by the ruling regimes.
St Paul, who was no-one's fool - he overcame imprisonment, attacks and injustice, by staying mentally and spiritually alert - advised new Christians: "Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.
Stand fast and if you're not happy then tell her so.
Stand fast and proud and hear strong, behind the banner of Saint George
Meanwhile, the chain said it would stand fast with a focus on consumer-centric retailing.
Purcell said the decision to drop the defamation and conspiracy claims "reinforces our conviction that we must stand fast against any erosion of the inherent right to report on important issues.
with an outstretched arm, we step forward, and stand fast.