stand firm against

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Sheikh Nasser in a statement to KUNA expressed confidence that His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah and his government members would stand firm against the repercussions of this heinous crime and able to remedy its traits.
He maintained that his party would keep struggling for safeguarding constitutional rights of the Pakhtun and would stand firm against all those who are making conspiracies against due rights of the Pakhtun.
BAGHDAD / Nina / House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called on all security agencies to stand firm against those who conspire on Iraq's security and stability.
It is essential that we stand firm against the bullying antics of Putin.
Ben Jfar called on Tunisians to remain united and vigilant and to stand firm against similar terrorist crimes and anything that could harm the country's stability and integrity.
Astra's statement echoed fears expressed by critics that a deal would hit jobs and damage the UK's science base, and they urged the board to continue to stand firm against the mega-merger.
I urge Iranian people to be patient and stand firm against injustice, deprivation of rights, starving and squandering people's money on terrorists everywhere.
Coordinator of Popular Resistance Committee, Munther Ameera, said that the citizens of Bethlehem stand firm against the Israeli occupation and confirm that the Israeli officers shall not enter into the holy places of Bethlehem, which Israel aims to annex.
But football must stand firm against attempts to introduce an It's A Knockoutstyle 'joker' format, such as Test cricket's lamentable Decision Review System.
He also recommended that the Iranian team of negotiators stand firm against the westerners' illogical demands and not retreat even a span from the positions or an iota of the rights of the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation.
With nearly 9,000 young people taking up smoking every year in the North-east and 5,000 people dying every year in our region as a result of their addiction, we urgently need assurances from the Secretary of State that he will put health first, stand firm against industry pressure and introduce standardised, plain packaging for tobacco.
is ready to help Pakistan in its terror war, adding that the latter should stand firm against the terrorist attacks.