stand the cost of

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The club was offered 8,900 tickets on a sale basis, which meant had they only sold 6,000 they would have to stand the cost of the remaining unsold tickets.
stand the cost of providing a solicitor for the defence - could be a matter for debate, but with integrity spend already under pressure, given the industry's financial straits, it is probably a non-starter.
We will stand the cost of the ticket," said David Ward, chairman of the St George's Day Association.
And Hallaq said there were about 20 more Nisa members who could stand the cost of entry.
They say it is unfair that homes are sold to the highest bidder while unsuccessful buyers still have to stand the cost of a survey.
Though Ladbrokes could surely stand the cost of staying tax free if they so desired, other British firms having to pay the 6.
But the insurance company refused to stand the cost of flying the body home.
Provision has been made for Villa to stand the cost of building, staffing and running the academy, which would enable Rhyl to field the pick of emerging players before their intended graduation to Villa's Premiership ranks.
Their perilous finances simply could not stand the cost of a top Continental manager such as Marcelo Lippi, Fabio Capello or, even, Arsene Wenger.
And Ken,56, says:``We are so confident that our method works,even with the very nervous, that we guarantee if a pupil cannot swim one width at the end of an intensive concentrated six hour course,no payment is required and we stand the cost of hiring the pool.
He said it would be cheaper to have a full-time ambulance with paramedic crew than stand the cost of having a reactor shut down for a day.