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Stand-Ins received a two-year contract for all construction at IBM's headquarters in Armonk.
The stand-ins are retrained managers, trainees and non-union firefighters.
The life-like realism of the LifeFX Stand-In virtual people dramatically enhances our ability to deliver Motorola's marketing messages regarding their state-of-the-art iDen phones.
Kodak plans to make the LifeFX Stand-In (TM) Technology available through its products and services, such as Kodak Picture CD, kodak.
LifeFX's Stand-In technology allows consumers to have a new level of human interaction and engaging communications online.
Upon downloading LifeFX's revolutionary technology, consumers will have the ability to send and receive emails with life-like Stand-Ins complete with text-to-speech capabilities.
By making Stand-In technology available to the marketplace, LifeFX is truly humanizing communications on the Internet.
Contrary to reports, Philip Seymour Hoffman's remaining scenes as Plutarch on "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" would not be faked using CGI or stand-ins.
The two hard cheeses offered by Treeline, Classic Hard Cheese, which has a smoky flavor and edible rind, and Cracked Pepper Hard Cheese, which is tangy and dusted with spicy, freshly-cracked black pepper, are less convincing as animal-based cheese stand-ins than the soft varieties, but are still impressive.
2 million into local economy, hiring 80 local crewmembers and 350 extras and stand-ins, according to Demetrio Fernandez, executive director of the Puerto Rico Film Commission.
Every head of every smallish company must chase profits, not temporary staff as stand-ins for those on maternity leave.
Research at universities and industrial labs are being driven by the idea that robots will be partners of humans, rather than stand-ins or servants.