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noun archetype, basis of comparison, canon, comparison, criterion, example, exemplar, frame of reference, gauge, grade of excellence, guide, ideal, level of excellence, measure, model, norm, norma, paradigm, paragon, pattern, precedent, prototype, regula, touchstone
Associated concepts: standard established by law, standard of care, standard of conduct, standard of proof
See also: broad, bylaw, canon, code, constant, conventional, cornerstone, criterion, customary, decorum, designation, epitome, example, exemplar, familiar, general, guide, habitual, household, law, mediocre, model, mundane, norm, normal, ordinary, paradigm, paragon, pattern, popular, precedent, prevalent, principle, pro forma, prototype, rate, regular, repeated, representative, routine, rule, stare decisis, symbol, typical, uniform, usual

STANDARD, in war. An ensign or flag used in war.

STANDARD, measure. A weight or measure of certain dimensions, to which all other weights and measures must correspond; as, a standard bushel. Also the quality of certain metals, to which all others of the same kind ought to be made to conform; as, standard gold, standard silver. Vide Dollar; Eagle; Money.

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Respondents from mature economies see little room for progress and are less hopeful that children will have a better standard of living than they do.
The more each worker produces, the higher the standard of living will be.
1) Our standard of living has been higher than the Chinese since the industrial revolution.
Four out of five citizens would first tackle the problem with unemployment and the standard of living.
People aged over 55, who are either approaching retirement or already pensioners, are the most pessimistic, with 45 per cent expecting their standard of living to get worse in the coming three years.
He said the government should also look at supporting in cash and kind vulnerable groups whose salaries were very low so that they could maintain a reasonable standard of living.
A panel of public policy experts in education and labor recently warned that unless dramatic steps are taken to improve the way students are educated, Americans will lose jobs overseas and see their standard of living drop.
In an aging economy like that of China, where the labor force is shrinking faster than the population, the standard of living will inevitably fall.
I do not wish to bind all diocesan priests, but we must not ignore the fact that our Canadian priests have a high standard of living in Canada.
YOUNG people are nearly twice as likely to think they will have a good standard of living when they stop work as those approaching retirement, a survey showed today.
In Standard of Living, Marina Moskowitz is not interested in the standard, economic-history definition of "standard of living"--that is, a calculation of how much money is required to live in a healthy, comfortable and "decent" manner.
The cleaner the household and the higher the family standard of living, the more likely it was that children had AD.

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