standard of perfection

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It is not that these countries, so rich in species, do not by a strange chance possess the aboriginal stocks of any useful plants, but that the native plants have not been improved by continued selection up to a standard of perfection comparable with that given to the plants in countries anciently civilised.
Many slight differences might, and indeed do now, arise amongst pigeons, which are rejected as faults or deviations from the standard of perfection of each breed.
For Marianne, however--in spite of his incivility in surviving her loss--he always retained that decided regard which interested him in every thing that befell her, and made her his secret standard of perfection in woman;-- and many a rising beauty would be slighted by him in after-days as bearing no comparison with Mrs.
Elton is the standard of perfection in Highbury, both in person and mind.
Sublimity always pulls the standard of perfection ever higher, such that it is not really attainable.
To look at the details of these special loans is both a revelation and a pleasure= both achieve a superlative standard of perfection and abound with subtle and humorous details.
They are judged against a written standard of perfection and there are 13 different breeds of long-haired, rough and short-haired cavy.
In order to ensure the highest standard of perfection and timely completion, urban planning and architecture companies of global repute from around the world, <br />especially France, Denmark, Norway, Australia and also from Oman, have been given the responsibility of the implementation of the projects.
His attention to detail and standard of perfection obviously shows within him and his area of operation," said SSG Tucker.
We need to educate the judiciary, corporate colleagues and outside counsel that the standard of reasonableness isn't a standard of perfection," Oot remarked.
ULTRA LIGHT SUITS - A new absolute standard of perfection has been created, the result of dedicated research and development by the Lanificio Zegna: 'Ultra Light Suits', created from fabric weighing 220 grams per metre.
As we prepare to transition the ICBM mission to Air Force Global Strike Command, we will maintain our standard of perfection in mission performance and focus on taking care of our people," said General Kehler.