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Robin Croft, who has a long experience in consumer protection and market control, and Francisco Ferreira, who has 20 years of experience in the field of European and international standardisation, will lead the programme.
Officer Standardisation will contribute to ensure the necessary coordination in order to guarantee the
SBS' mission also includes making SMEs sensitive to the importance of standardisation, and to take part in several standing committees of the Commission.
Sustainable industrial policy: Standardisation is important in enabling the uptake of eco-innovation and environmental technologies.
The Tetra Centri 818 separator and direct in-line standardisation system are incorporated into the pasteurisation module for the in-line standardisation of milk and cream.
The Commission finds that the current system of European standardisation is plagued by three major problems that are detrimental to the Union's competitiveness.
Sweden, the Swedish Electrotechnical Commission (SEK) is responsible for standardisation in the electricity sector at national level.
However, these practices could go against provisions on the standardisation agreements (Chapter 7) laid out in the guidelines on the applicability of Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU) with horizontal cooperation agreements adopted in January 2011 (201/C11/01).
Representatives from standardisation organisations in non-EU countries (China, United States, Brazil, Egypt, Japan, India) were given the opportunity to express their ideas on the future of regional standardisation cooperation and the role and future strategy of their national and regional standards systems and how they cooperate with CEN and CENELEC.
In his text, he explains that "European standardisation must adapt to the challenges resulting from globalisation, climate change, the emergence of new economic powers and the evolution of technology".
Areas examined by the studies are the CEN Horizontal European Service Standardisation Strategy (CHESSS) as well as services related to accessibility to transport and tourism, engineering consultancy, resident persons (home services), residential homes for older persons, welcome and reception services, business to business' recruitment, nautical services, IT-outsourcing, outsourcing and smart house services.

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