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The website s calendar will offer an overview of relevant events taking place in China and provide information about the SESEC expert s efforts to promote the European standardization model in China.
He added that the standardization strategy seeks to promote cooperation between the GCC countries in inter-Gulf as well as trade between the GCC and other countries and the protection of consumers, environment and national economy of each GCC country to ensure the conservation of natural resources and environment for future generations.
The roadmap's recommendations for closing standardization gaps in the near-term (0-2 years), mid-term (2-5 years), and long-term (5+ years) are intended to map out a coordinated approach to energy efficiency standardization, and to assist SDOs in identifying priority areas for work, as well as opportunities for collaboration, consolidation, and harmonization.
The main objective of the European Committee for Standardization, created in 1961, is to promote trade in goods and services through the development of European standards (Euronorm, EN).
Although a hospital's participation in a GPO (group purchasing organization) may stipulate specific provisions and restrictions to the use of certain supplies, in large measure it will still be up to the hospital to develop and enforce a standardization policy.
Not right now," says Brown, who adds, "But there are elements of standardization that have gotten us a lot closer in the last few years.
Clark: Cy-Fair opened just this fall, so we could get everything new and start with standardization as a key strategy.
However, standardization is not the same as a sole-source outsourcing model.
Standardization poses many complex challenges, however.
As a first step toward industry-wide standardization, the SNIA has identified several impediments to interoperability in the existing environment: First, the physical and logical level transport protocols for the Fibre Channel Interconnect do not always interoperate for devices from multiple vendors.
The mission of ISO is to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity.
standardization groups, particularly ISO/TC 17 (International Standards Organization Technical Committee 17 - Steel).

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