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They can be the strongest advocates or the strongest opponents to standardization.
He added that the standardization strategy seeks to promote cooperation between the GCC countries in inter-Gulf as well as trade between the GCC and other countries and the protection of consumers, environment and national economy of each GCC country to ensure the conservation of natural resources and environment for future generations.
The main objective of the European Committee for Standardization, created in 1961, is to promote trade in goods and services through the development of European standards (Euronorm, EN).
Murby shows that the analysis of the situation of standardization is a research work, used regularly in the activity of standard elaboration works management, by which a field's degree of coverage with standards is settled and the need for some normative documents elaboration is underlain.
Thoroughly understanding the requirements of a standardization organization and following through with program details are keys to successfully passing an audit.
You can search by document ID, document number, title or federal supply class or standardization area.
Depending on the size of your company and the complexity of its products, your IT team is likely focusing on intrinsic standardization, and possibly also on extrinsic standardization.
This group should have the scope and authority to authorize and, if necessary, support any initiative regarding product procurement and standardization.
Lenders are looking for more standardization because they're trying to automate, and it's difficult to automate without standardization.
Link: At OSU Newark and Central Ohio Technical College, one of the big issues working with two campuses was the "Noah's Ark" approach--we had two of everything that you could imagine all around the campus, so we really started looking at standardization.
Standardization of experiments, vocabularies, and other activities within and across DNA microarray platforms is critical to toxicogenomics, said consortium coordinator Brenda Weis.

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