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To standardize productivity, you should multiply your productivity measure by 100 and then divide this product by the percent of time the individual is involved in billable clinical activity.
Applied informatics will help us to identify, standardize, collect, and analyze data about our patients and health plan members that will provide opportunities for quality improvement.
Sharing data brings such enormous economies of scale that it behooves practices that work together to standardize and integrate their information systems.
The clinician CIO can be a nurse, physical or respiratory therapist, pharmacist, or physician, but, while allied health professionals with training in information systems are invaluable for selection and implementation of clinical transaction systems, such as order entry and results reporting systems, physicians will more likely succeed in leading other physicians to adopt and use computer-based patient records, to standardize their data collection in the office to support computer-based patient records for inpatients and outpatient use, and to collect and analyze data from clinical processes and outcomes for profiling the efficiency and effectiveness of alternative clinical treatments.
BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- Datacolor, a world leader in color technology, announced today at the SDC International Colour Conference 2006 the arrival of Datacolor CERTIFIED[TM], a universal color assessment program that will standardize process requirements and grade color performance levels for the apparel industry.
In order to standardize technology campus-wide and improve support to students, Hobart and William Smith Colleges selected CDW-G to provide Lenovo ThinkPad T60 and Lenovo ThinkPad Z61m notebook PCs; Lenovo ThinkPad X41 tablet PCs; and accessories including Kingston USB flash drives, Samsung digital player/voice recorders and HP printers.

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