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In 2008, the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control recommended all tobacco product packaging be standardized, with the same plain shape and color, with no branding other than health warnings.
The Standardized METL are developed, updated, and synchronized with:
Do standardized tests serve a good purpose, or are they overrated?
Another important consideration in standardized testing is the logistics of test administration.
Only 47 percent of 11th-graders passed the English test in Glendale, which could reflect students' ambivalence to standardized tests in that grade.
XBRL's design focuses on the ability to customize more broadly agreed-upon taxonomies with standardized methods of extending, or customizing, the taxonomies for specific industry, regional, or company needs.
The Council will continue to extend invitations to participate to potential members from a wide range of industries, including credit card companies, payment system operators, mobile network operators, financial services companies, system vendors, and travel agencies, and will function as an open framework for members to cooperate in the promotion of a standardized platform.
We provide standardized written proposals with our portfolio, so brokers know exactly what to expect when they deal with a W&H property.
Home-grown tests are created at institutions that have already seen a special need to assess their own students as they leave for the workforce, but don't think national standardized tests can accurately measure their students' competencies.
StaRT-PCR(tm) measures transcript abundance by utilizing gene specific primers and internal standards for each gene formulated into Standardized Mixtures of Internal Standards(tm) (SMIS) in every expression measurement.
With the nationwide efforts to raise graduation standards and the increasing use of standardized testing, the idea of basing promotion and graduation decisions on portfolios of students' work has fallen out of fashion as swiftly as slide rules gave way to calculators.
The cost benefits of these standardized technologies are now an irresistible choice.

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