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Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Schools and CoEs develop and recommend draft or revised Standardized METL for Army units for which they are proponents.
In many programs, faculty express the wish to use multiple sources of information in their assessment efforts, including surveys of alumni, focus groups with alumni and other important stakeholders such as area employers, standardized testing where appropriate, etc.
In defense of standardized tests versus home-grown ones, Wynne says that IHEs usually think they have a staff adequately trained to create assessments.
The Gene Express Standardized Expression Measurement (SEM) Service Center(tm) has been used successfully by investigators from multiple academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
If the goal is simply to sort, stratify, and rank, portfolios add little if you already have test data," says Monty Neill, executive director of Fair Test, a Massachusetts-based organization that opposes standardized testing.
We are committed to enabling customers to take advantage of the economic benefits of a standardized Windows-based data center.
The assembly process is divided among 16 standardized modules, each with a specific function, and these are combined to create a sub-system.
The purposeful invocation of the dialect and manipulation of standardized English suggest that the orator is in command of all the languages involved.
Without -- testing, we do not know who is falling behind and who needs our help," said President Bush, as he appealed for more standardized testing of students.
The Case Against Standardized Testing: Raising the Scores, Ruining the Schools by Alfie Kohn Heinemann.

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