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It is important to index and display all personal and corporate names, both transcribed forms and standardized vocabulary.
In general, this study showed that the data contained in a computer patient record (CPR) system for zoos has great promise for population-level studies if specific areas are addressed, including 1) reduced reliance on free-text data entry, 2) universal use of a standardized vocabulary, 3) use of methods to identify and track individual animals accurately and easily, 4) integration of data checks and maintenance methods, and 5) concerted use of "centralized" animal medical record information.
In addition, the NRP (2000) strongly recommended using assessments created for a given intervention that are more sensitive to gains in vocabulary growth than standardized vocabulary measures.
2009a, 2009b), and the standardized vocabulary and a version of the database are available on the ToxRefDB website (U.

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