standing order

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When used judiciously, standing orders are a very efficient and effective tool in the hands of healthcare providers.
Even after the introduction of Standing Order No 8, there were splits - the Provisionals, Officials, Real IRA and Continuity IRA.
A ship's standing orders called for the OOD or XO to brief he CO anytime he walked on 17 the bridge, but that didn't happen.
Average fees on unpaid cheques, standing orders and direct debits have risen by up to a third over the past two years, according to MoneyExpert.
l Amending an existing standing order - Nil-IRpounds 1.
Customers can set up a standing order on their account by logging in at http://www.
But it's worth noting that if you want to cancel any service paid by standing order or direct debit, YOU must tell your bank as well as telling the supplier.
Where there is a standing order or direct debit and the wrong amount is paid out, the bank must refund to the account the amount wrongly paid and any changes arising as a result.
Julian alleged that the Government had failed to consult with the opposition parties in the manner required before the moving of a motion pursuant to Standing Order 78(3).
I'd come from the private sector and didn't know about the standing order they're mentioning now.
Some Wrexham councillors have tabled a formal motion calling on the council to change its standing order number 45, which allows the chair of a meeting to prohibit "broadcasting or transmitting".
The Ministry of Health has updated its standing order guidelines.

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