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The location in a courtroom where the parties and witnesses offer their testimony. To appear in court; to submit to the jurisdiction of the court.

To stand trial, for example, means to try, or be tried on, a particular issue in a particular court.


(Position), noun attitude, belief, bent, bias, inclination, leaning, opinion, outlook, point of view, position, slant, standpoint, vantage point, view, viewpoint


(Witness' place in court), noun booth, box, place, platform, position, post, stall, station, witness box, witness stand
See also: bear, belief, desist, endure, halt, last, lie, opine, opinion, outlook, remain, resist, resistance, rest, stay, suffer, thesis, tolerate, withstand

TO STAND. To abide by a thing; to submit to a decision; to comply with an agreement; to have validity, as the judgment must stand.

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put together a nearly flawless run to steal the gold medal from Ryan Nyquist in front of a standing-room only crowd of about 5,000.
Deborah Wahl Meyer, vice president of marketing, Lexus Division of Toyota Motor Sales, USA and Sean Dee, vice president and CMO with Hard Rock International opened the event with a keynote address, which attracted a standing-room only crowd.
LONG BEACH - A sold out, standing-room only crowd of 3,036 that included Padres general manager Kevin Towers was treated to a thrilling pitchers duel Friday night between Long Beach State and former Simi Valley High star Jered Weaver - whom Towers was there to watch - and Cal State Fullerton's Jason Windsor.
They're free to roam the stadium during the game, pausing at any number of standing-room areas behind the seats.